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10 uses for spoolies!

Let’s talk 𝗦𝗽𝗼𝗼𝗹𝗶𝗲 𝗕𝗿𝘂𝘀𝗵𝗲𝘀 👌🏼

One of the beauty industry’s most underrated treasures! These inexpensive little wonder tools are something that everyone should have, here are 10 tips for getting the most from your super spoolie!!


  1. The obvious use for this tool is keeping your lash extensions in tip top shape, brushing your lashes regularly is essential when wearing individual lash extensions applied by a professional.
  2. Brushing your own lashes, if you have had a lash lift on your natural lashes it is equally as important to groom your lashes daily. Keeping them from twisting out of shape and helping them bounce back into shape after waking up in the morning.
  3. Give your natural lashes & brows a treat! Dip your spoolie into castor oil & brush lightly over your lashes & brows before bed. Lash & brow boost products contain many ingredients to help boost regrowth, but if you don’t have one castor oil is a great home alternative.
  4. Want the full brow lamination look? Use brow soap (or regular natural soap if you don’t have any). Rub your spoolie on to the soap, only a thin layer is required on the bristles. In an upwards motion, sweep the spoolie through your brow, lifting & setting the brow in to a fuller shape.
  5. Caring for your strip lashes. Good quality lashes can be worn over & over if cared for correctly. I use a baby shampoo/wash to cleanse my strip lashes to remove any makeup, carefully removing any excess glue left on the spine of the lashes. Leave to dry & then use my faithful spoolie to groom the lashes back into their full shape brushing downwards from the ‘root’ and flick up at the edge. Keep your strip lashes in their safe box for next use.
  6. Spoolies are great for softening a full brow created by using a pomade rather than brow powder or pencil. Soften any ‘hard lines’ or even use your brush to help blend when creating an ‘ombré brow’ look.
  7. Not a fan of wearing false lashes? If your prefer a more natural look, build your lashes with a few coats of your favourite mascara, then run your dry spoolie over them separating each lash & ridding them of clumps and leaving you with a super clean look.
  8. If you have finished your makeup look, contoured, baked & ready. Then disaster strikes, you smudge some black lash glue or drip a blob of liquid eyeliner. Don’t panic. Let the liquid set fully, then rub it over with your dry spoolie brush and it will crumble away not disturbing your fully finished makeup.
  9. These mini soft brushes are handy for keeping stray fly away hairs in place. For example, when styling your hair into a high pony or bun, use the spoolie to brush ‘fluffy fly away’ hairs into the neatly styled hair or sculpt hairline hairs with a touch of gel.
  10. Having a spoolie & lip gloss in your handbag means you’ll be ‘selfie ready’ at all times. Lightly rub your spoolie horizontally across your lips for 10-20 seconds to increase blood flow to make lips pink & feel fuller, apply your gloss and you are insta ready!


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