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Hello, its Clair & Nicky!

Hi and welcome to our website! 

We are Mum & Daughter duo, Clair & Nicky, we opened our salon back in 2001 and have many years of experience in the Beauty industry. We are based in Liverpool and if you fancy visiting us at our salon or booking treatments with us, take a look at our salon website for all the information.


We are passionate about the beauty industry and champion high street affordable brands rather than the big brands with expensive packaging. We think beauty and fashion are for everyone and should be accessible, not an unobtainable image as portrayed in the glossy's or perfume adverts etc. Getting ready is all part of the fun, whether its for a girls trip/ hen party, a night out, a festival/ concert/ pride, a rave or even a birthday princes party,... Your hair and makeup are as important as your outfit when you are presenting YOUR style. Have fun with it whatever your age or gender, you don't need a £50 eyeshadow palette to feel beautiful! As well as individual items we plan to sell BFF packages, so that you can share your festival glitter and accessories to save on the cost.


All of our glitter and pigments are cosmetic grade which is important as there are so many online stores selling cheap craft glitter, which is unsuitable for skin use. Especially as we cater for the new younger generation of ravers and the princess parties, our products will always be at a high standard.  We also try to source vegan and cruelty free cosmetics where possible.


Our site will regularly be updated with new products and accessories, we will keep you up to date with whats about to drop online via our Instagram so make sure you are following us! 

Thanks for dropping by and reading our first little blog post :) We will be adding more with product demos, and as we are mum & daughter, we don't agree on everything, so you will always get a fair and honest review here ha ha.

Clair (aka the daughter) & Nicky (aka the mum) ha ha xx


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